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base line the line at either end of a tennis court that marks the back boundary. [1/3 definitions]
border the outer part; edge; boundary. [2/6 definitions]
borderline at or near a boundary. [1/2 definitions]
bound3 (usu. pl.) the area contained within or lying near a boundary or outer limit of something. [1/4 definitions]
boundaryless combined form of boundary.
circumference the outer boundary of a circle or other curvilinear figure or area; perimeter. [2 definitions]
compass a boundary or limit, or the space or scope included within it. [1/9 definitions]
confine (usu. pl.) limit, border, or boundary. [1/3 definitions]
conterminous having a common boundary, such that each ends where the other begins. [1/2 definitions]
deadline a line or boundary which must not be crossed. [1/2 definitions]
end a point or area at or adjacent to an extremity, often serving as a boundary or limit. [1/18 definitions]
hedge a solid row of bushes, often used to mark a boundary. [2/5 definitions]
hedgerow a row of bushes or shrubs that forms a hedge or boundary.
interface a plane or surface that represents a common boundary between two bodies or regions. [2/7 definitions]
laminar flow the regular and non-turbulent movement of a layer of liquid near a solid boundary. (Cf. turbulent flow.)
landmark a feature of the landscape that serves as a point of reference, a guide for travelers, or a boundary marker. [1/5 definitions]
limit (pl.) the formal boundary of a particular area. [1/4 definitions]
line1 a boundary or limit; point at which something must stop. [1/19 definitions]
massif a large mass of the earth's crust, isolated by boundary faults, that has shifted as a unit. [1/2 definitions]
mete2 a boundary or limit, or the marker thereof.
out of bounds beyond a boundary or an outer limit. [1/2 definitions]