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ahtomp in Wampanoag language and culture, a weapon used for shooting arrows; bow.
arc any curved line; anything shaped like a bow or curve. [1/4 definitions]
archer one who uses a bow and arrow. [1/2 definitions]
arco played with a bow rather than by plucking the strings (used as a musical direction). (Cf. pizzicato.)
arcuate curved or bent like a bow; arched.
arcuation the state of being curved, arched, or bent like a bow. [1/3 definitions]
arrow a slender pointed or tipped shaft that is shot from a bow. [1/3 definitions]
bass1 the largest stringed instrument of the orchestra, having the lowest range of pitch and played with a bow; double bass. [1/5 definitions]
black tie the black bow tie worn on semiformal occasions with a dinner jacket or tuxedo. [1/2 definitions]
black-tie requiring semi-formal attire, esp., for the men, a black bow tie and dinner jacket or tuxedo.
bob1 to incline or dip one's body as a sign of respect; curtsy or bow. [1/4 definitions]
bow2 curved or bent like a bow. [3/7 definitions]
bow3 in indicating direction, either side of a boat's or ship's bow. [2/3 definitions]
bow and arrow weaponry consisting of a bow or bows and the arrows that are propelled from them.
bower2 a heavy anchor, situated at the bow of a ship.
bowknot a decorative knot with large loops that is often used in ribbons, shoelaces, string, or the like; bow.
bowman2 the person who handles the oar closest to the bow of a boat.
bowshot the distance an arrow travels or can travel when shot from a bow.
bowsprit a large pole projecting forward from the bow of some sailing vessels.
bowstring the cord stretched between the two ends of an archer's bow. [2/3 definitions]
bow tie a short necktie tied in a bow.