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asterisk a sign (*) used to indicate a footnote, an omission, or a break in the text, and for various other purposes. [1/2 definitions]
burglarize to break into a building with the intention of committing a crime, esp. stealing.
crack (informal) to break into (a safe or the like). [1/15 definitions]
crack up (informal) to break into uncontrollable laughter. [1/2 definitions]
dash a punctuation mark (--) used to indicate a break in thought, a parenthetical element, or the like. [1/12 definitions]
diffraction modification of light or other waves by partially obstructing them so that they bend around the obstruction and break into bands of different frequencies.
fault a break in a body of rock that is part of the earth's crust, with the result that the planes of contiguous surfaces are displaced. [1/7 definitions]
fraction to divide up or break into parts or fragments. [1/4 definitions]
fracture to break or cause a break in, esp. a bone. [1/7 definitions]
hiatus a gap or break in activity, time, or space; interruption. [1/2 definitions]
layover a temporary halt or break in a journey; stopover.
recess a limited break in ongoing activity, such as courtroom proceedings or school classes. [1/5 definitions]
rent2 a break in relations, as between nations or persons. [1/3 definitions]
rift a break in social relations, because of a difference of opinion, quarrel, or the like; breach. [1/4 definitions]
segue to continue without a break into the next section or theme. [1/2 definitions]
shear to come apart or break in layers. [1/7 definitions]
water gap a crosswise break in a mountain ridge, cut by the stream that flows through it.