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bittern2 a bitter solution of bromides, iodides, and other salts that remains after sodium chloride has been crystallized out of sea water or brine.
brine to steep, immerse, or preserve in brine. [1/4 definitions]
briny of or like brine or salt water; very salty. [1/2 definitions]
corn1 to preserve in salt or brine. [1/7 definitions]
feta a soft white crumbly cheese, made of goat's milk and stored in brine, that originated in Greece and is a staple of eastern Mediterranean cuisine.
pickled preserved or steeped in a solution such as brine, vinegar, formaldehyde, or the like.
smoked salmon salmon, usu. brine-cured, that has been smoked in preparation for consumption.
souse to soak or steep in a liquid, esp. pickling brine. [3/7 definitions]