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bouillon a thin, usu. clear broth, or the stock for making such a broth.
consommé a clear broth made from meat or occasionally vegetables.
court-bouillon a broth made from fish or seafood, cooked in wine or water with vegetables and herbs, and used in fish dishes, soups, and the like.
fumet a rich broth made by boiling the bones of fish or chicken with wine and herbs.
liquor a liquid, esp. that made in cooking; broth. [1/3 definitions]
pilaf a dish originating in the Middle East and consisting of rice cooked in a broth, often with vegetables, meat, seasonings, or the like.
pot-au-feu pot on the fire (French); a dish of boiled meat and vegetables, the broth being strained and often served separately.
pot liquor the broth in which meat or vegetables have been cooked, often used as a gravy or sauce.
risotto an Italian dish of rice cooked in broth, to which grated cheese, other flavorings, and vegetables may be added.
somen a soup made with these noodles, broth, and vegetables. [1/2 definitions]
stock a broth used as a base for soups and sauces. [1/17 definitions]