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account an arrangement with a store or other business that allows a customer to pay for goods or services on credit instead of using cash at the time of sale. [2/15 definitions]
account payable an amount owed to a creditor by a business, usu. for goods and services received.
account receivable an amount owed to a business by a debtor, usu. for goods and services received.
administrator a person who manages, esp. business or public affairs; executive; bureaucrat. [1/2 definitions]
advertising the business, profession, or action of creating and distributing advertisements. [1/2 definitions]
advertising man one who works in the advertising business, esp. as a designer, salesman, or executive; adman.
affair (pl.) public or business matters. [1/6 definitions]
agency an organization, franchise, or business that acts on behalf of others. [2/4 definitions]
airline a system of transportation by air offering scheduled flights between various points, or a business that owns and operates the equipment required by such a system. [1/2 definitions]
antitrust in opposition to unrestrained monopolistic business practices.
associate to come together as friends, business partners, or companions (often fol. by "with"). [2/10 definitions]
attaché case a flat rectangular briefcase, hinged like a suitcase, and usu. used for carrying business papers or documents.
backer someone who supports or gives time or money to a business, a cause, or the like.
bandit one who takes unfair advantage of others, esp. in business dealings; swindler; cheat. [1/3 definitions]
bank2 a business concerned with the safeguarding, exchanging, and lending of money. [1/6 definitions]
banking the business or profession of running a bank.
bar1 a business establishment that primarily serves alcoholic drinks, or an area within an establishment where alcoholic drinks are prepared. [1/13 definitions]
barber a person whose business is to shave, cut, or style hair and beards. [1/2 definitions]
billing (often pl.) the total amount of business done, as by an advertising agency, in a specified period of time. [1/3 definitions]
bill of exchange a written order to pay a specified amount to a specified person, used mainly in conducting business abroad.
blue law any law prohibiting drinking, dancing, working, or doing business on Sunday.