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broccoli a cultivated subspecies of the cabbage, or the green flower buds and flowering stalk of this plant used for food.
Brussels sprouts the small green edible heads that grow on the stem of a plant that is a type of cabbage. [1/2 definitions]
cabbage to grow in the shape of a head, as a cabbage does. [1/3 definitions]
cabbage butterfly any of several common white butterflies, the green larvae of which feed on cabbage and related plants.
cabbage palmetto a cabbage palm of the southeastern United States.
cauliflower a cultivated vegetable related to cabbage that bears a large, dense head of edible, crunchy, usu. white flowers.
cole any of various plants related to cabbage, esp. rape.
coleslaw a salad made of shredded cabbage, often with a mayonnaise dressing.
colewort any cabbage with leaves that do not form a compact head, such as kale. [1/2 definitions]
dolma a dish consisting of a vegetable such as a green pepper or grape or cabbage leaf, stuffed with rice, ground meat, and spices, and cooked.
head of plants such as cabbage, to form a head. [1/19 definitions]
kale a variety of the cabbage plant having loose wrinkled and curled leaves, or the leaves of this plant used as a vegetable.
kimchi a dish made of spicy, pickled cabbage that is an important part of Korean cuisine.
kohlrabi a plant of the cabbage family that has a bulbous, edible stem.
radish one of a group of herbs of the cabbage family that have a pungently flavored, crisp, edible root. [1/2 definitions]
rape2 a plant of the cabbage family, cultivated for forage and for its oil-rich seeds.
rutabaga a plant related to cabbage and turnips, with an edible, yellowish, bulbous root. [1/2 definitions]
sauerkraut shredded cabbage that has been salted and allowed to ferment in its own juices.
slaw a salad of cabbage and dressing; coleslaw.