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anchor a heavy device, connected by a cable to a boat or ship, that is dropped to the bottom of a body of water to restrict the vessel's motion. [1/7 definitions]
bitt to wind (a cable or line) around one or more bitts. [1/3 definitions]
cable cable television. [4/11 definitions]
cable car an enclosed passenger vehicle either on rails or suspended on a cable and pulled back and forth by a moving cable, esp. up and down a steep incline or across a chasm.
cablecast a broadcast transmitted through cable television. [3 definitions]
cablegram a telegraph message sent by underwater cable.
cable railway a system of transportation in which enclosed passenger cars, pulled by a continuously moving underground cable, roll along rails.
cable television a form of television in which the sound and picture signals from distant stations are received by a master antenna and then delivered by electrical cable. Cable television typically provides clear reception, access to a large number of channels, and a relatively wide range of programming, whereas conventional television is limited to the reception of signals from local stations.
cablevision cable television.
capstan a vertical drum or post on a ship, rotated to hoist weights, such as an anchor, by winding in rope or cable. [1/2 definitions]
chairlift a system of chairs suspended from a power-driven cable, used to carry people, esp. skiers, up or down mountainsides.
closed circuit a transmission circuit for television with a limited number of reception stations connected to it by cable. [1/2 definitions]
coaxial cable a high-frequency electronic transmission cable that has two layers of conductive material, one inside the other and separated by insulation.
cord a flexible electrical cable with a protective covering, used to supply power from an outlet to an appliance. [1/8 definitions]
electronic mail messages typed into a computer terminal and sent via telephone cable to another terminal.
e-mail the practice or system by which messages may be typed into one computer terminal and sent by telephone, cable, or wireless to another computer terminal; electronic mail. [1/4 definitions]
flex (chiefly British) a small flexible electrical cable with a protective coating, used to supply power from an outlet to an appliance; cord. [1/3 definitions]
forestay a cable or rope extending from the bowsprit to the foremast, used to support the foremast.
funicular operated or drawn by a rope, cable, or the like. [2/4 definitions]
gondola a car suspended from a cable, as for a ski lift. [1/5 definitions]
hawse an opening in a ship through which an anchor cable is passed; hawsehole. [1/2 definitions]