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bagasse the pulp that remains after juice has been removed from sugar cane or sugar beet. [1/2 definitions]
candy-striped having diagonal stripes in alternating colors, resembling those on a candy cane or the like.
cane sugar cane. [4/7 definitions]
canebrake an area thickly grown with sugar cane, bamboo, or the like.
cane sugar sugar made from the sugar cane.
ferule a rod, flat stick, or cane used for punishing children. [1/2 definitions]
reed a small, flexible strip made of cane or metal that is set into the mouthpiece of a musical instrument, and through which the player blows to produce a sound vibration. [1/3 definitions]
rum an alcoholic beverage distilled from fermented molasses, sugar cane, or the like.
stick1 something that resembles such a piece of wood; cane; rod. [1/4 definitions]
sucrose the type of sugar obtained from sugar beets and sugar cane.
sugar a sweet crystalline substance obtained mainly from sugar cane and sugar beets and widely used as a flavoring, preservative, and fermenting agent; sucrose. [1/8 definitions]
swagger stick a short stick or cane sometimes carried by military officers.
sword cane a walking cane that holds a concealed sword or dagger.
walking stick a stick, cane, or staff used for support, balance, or the like when walking. [1/2 definitions]