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-ably in a manner that indicates the capability of or tendency toward performing, or being the object of, (such) an action.
charm (sometimes pl.) the capability to allure, delight, and please; attractiveness. [2/11 definitions]
creativity the capability of inventing or producing original or imaginative work. [1/2 definitions]
estrogen any of several female hormones that produce sexual heat and capability of pregnancy in most mammals, and that produce and maintain other female characteristics.
excitability the capability of being easily excited.
firepower the capability of a weapon, group of soldiers, ship, or the like to deliver fire. [1/2 definitions]
flexibility the capability of bending easily, or being bent easily, and not breaking.
forbearance the act or capability of refraining or holding back. [1/2 definitions]
functionality capability, esp. the specific operations that a software program, computer, or other electronic device is able to carry out.
impotent lacking strength, effectiveness, or capability. [1/3 definitions]
mimic octopus a type of brown octopus that lives along the shallow muddy bottoms of river mouths off the coast of Southeast Asia that has the capability of mimicking toxic species, such as sole, lionfish, and seasnake.
modal auxiliary an auxiliary verb, such as "can," "may," "must," or "should," that is used to modify the meaning of a main verb by including such notions as necessity, possibility, certainty, capability, advisability, potential, and expectation.
narcotic of or pertaining to a drug or drugs having such capability. [1/6 definitions]
natural according to or resulting from human nature or innate human capability. [1/9 definitions]
nonnuclear not having nuclear weapons or capability. [1/2 definitions]
offense the act or capability of attacking, as in military conflict or sports. (Cf. defense.) [1/6 definitions]
power the capability to act or function effectively. [1/9 definitions]
reflect to show forth a particular aspect, as of a person's capability (usu. fol. by on). [1/7 definitions]
stretch to have the capability of being stretched. [1/19 definitions]
toe-in the alignment of a vehicle's front wheels so that the front edges are slightly closer together than the rear edges and so provide better steering capability.
unsex to deprive of sexual capability or power. [1/2 definitions]