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abscond to leave suddenly and secretly, esp. to avoid observation or capture.
bag to kill or capture (game). [1/11 definitions]
catch to capture or grab, usu. after pursuit. [1/18 definitions]
closed season any period during which it is illegal to fish for, capture, or hunt certain animal or fish species.
close in on to approach or surround, as to entrap or capture.
collar (informal) to capture or arrest. [1/7 definitions]
corral (informal) to get in one's possession; gather; capture. [1/4 definitions]
entrain2 of a liquid, to capture and absorb (bubbles). [1/3 definitions]
entrap to capture using or as if using a trap. [1/4 definitions]
escape to avoid capture or other danger; get away. [1/10 definitions]
fall a defeat or capture, as of a military force or a city. [1/19 definitions]
fascinate to capture and hold the attention and interest of; spellbind. [1/3 definitions]
kidnap to capture and hold (someone) hostage until specified demands, as for money, are met.
lime1 to catch or capture with, or as though with, birdlime. [1/4 definitions]
pounce to jump or swoop down in order to seize or capture something. [1/4 definitions]
privateer a privately owned, armed ship commissioned by the state to attack or capture enemy ships in wartime. [1/3 definitions]
recapture to take or capture again; recover. [1/3 definitions]
reel1 to capture or recover by winding in with a reel. [1/4 definitions]
reward a sum of money or something else of value that is promised to someone for the capture of criminals, return of stolen property, or other service. [1/4 definitions]
ring-a-levio a children's game in which one team tries to find and capture members of the other team, who may, if not seen by the hunting team, free their teammates from a circle drawn on the ground.
seal2 to hunt or capture seals for sport, food, or profit. [1/4 definitions]