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advance man an agent or aide who takes care of publicity, security, and other arrangements in advance of the appearance of a politician, theater group, or the like.
anyhow without care; neglectfully. [1/3 definitions]
asylum an institution for the care of those who are unable to maintain themselves, such as orphans or the severely mentally ill. [1/3 definitions]
attend to provide care for. [2/8 definitions]
baby to treat with special care. [1/11 definitions]
bach (informal) to live and take care of oneself alone, as a bachelor does.
bach it to take care of the house oneself.
carefully in a careful or cautious manner; with care.
caregiver a person, such as a family member or foster parent, who is responsible for the care of a child or dependent adult. [2 definitions]
caretaker a person who takes care of another, such as an invalid. [1/2 definitions]
charge care, protection, or supervision. [1/22 definitions]
cheap not requiring much care or effort. [1/8 definitions]
check to put under someone's care temporarily. [1/19 definitions]
cherish to foster tenderly; care for. [1/3 definitions]
choice chosen with care. [1/7 definitions]
c/o abbreviation of "(in the) care of."
commend to place in someone's care; entrust. [1/3 definitions]
con2 to study or examine with care. [1/2 definitions]
conservator in law, one designated to care for the person and property of someone declared incompetent to do so. [1/2 definitions]
consign to place in the care or custody of another; entrust. [1/4 definitions]
cradle to nurture or care for tenderly in infancy. [1/6 definitions]