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baby carriage a small, four-wheeled carriage used to push a baby around in; perambulator.
backspace to move a typewriter carriage or computer cursor back one or more spaces by pressing a certain key. [1/2 definitions]
barouche a four-wheeled carriage with a folding top, two opposing seats for two people each inside, and a driver's seat outside in front.
bearing manner of conduct, behavior, or physical carriage. [1/5 definitions]
berlin a large four-wheeled closed carriage with separate perches for the footman and driver, and two facing seats inside. [1/2 definitions]
brougham a four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage with a closed compartment for passengers and an open driver's seat in front. [1/3 definitions]
buckboard a small uncovered carriage with a flexible wooden frame attached directly to the axles.
buggy1 a small carriage with four wheels that is pulled by a single horse. [2/3 definitions]
cab1 a horse-drawn carriage used for public transportation; brougham. [1/3 definitions]
cabdriver the driver of a taxicab or horse-drawn carriage for public hire.
cabriolet a light, one-horse carriage designed for two passengers and having two wheels and a folding hood. [1/2 definitions]
calash a carriage with two low wheels, a seat for two people under a top that folds down, and a front seat for a driver. [2 definitions]
cariole a small open two-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse. [1/2 definitions]
carryall1 a covered one-horse carriage with seats for four persons. [1/2 definitions]
chaise a lightweight, two-wheeled carriage drawn by one horse. [1/3 definitions]
chariot any fairly elegant carriage. [1/3 definitions]
chassis in a gun, the groove along which the carriage moves back and forth. [1/4 definitions]
coach a four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage, enclosed, with an outside seat for the driver. [1/8 definitions]
coachman a male driver of a coach or other carriage. [1/2 definitions]
coupé a four-wheeled carriage with an enclosed area for two passengers and an exposed driver's seat. [1/2 definitions]
curricle a two-wheeled open light carriage pulled by two horses abreast.