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AM a system of varying a radio signal's amplitude so as to impose the signal on a carrier wave; amplitude modulation. [1/2 definitions]
bill of lading a list and receipt for goods given by a carrier who is transporting them.
blocker in football, an offensive player who tries to block defensive players from tackling the ball carrier. [1/2 definitions]
carrier a very large naval vessel equipped with a flight deck; aircraft carrier. [2/6 definitions]
catapult a device for launching aircraft where runway space is severely limited, as on an aircraft carrier deck. [1/5 definitions]
demodulate in telecommunications, to derive the original signal from (a modulated carrier signal); detect.
demurrage the delay in loading or unloading a ship or other freight carrier beyond a previously specified time. [2 definitions]
flattop (informal) an aircraft carrier. [1/2 definitions]
flight deck the top surface of an aircraft carrier, used as a runway. [1/2 definitions]
FM a system of varying a radio signal's frequency so as to impose the signal on a carrier wave; frequency modulation. [1/2 definitions]
noncarrier combined form of carrier.
nonscheduled of a passenger or cargo carrier, not operating on a regular schedule.
phase modulation in radio transmission, variation of the phase of a carrier wave in accordance with the amplitude of a modulating signal such as speech.
portemonnaie money-carrier (French); a small pocketbook or purse.
pulse modulation the formation of a periodic carrier wave by a sequence of short pulses, as used in radar. [1/2 definitions]
spear1 a spear carrier in a military unit; spearman. [1/5 definitions]
sperm1 the fluid carrier of such cells; semen. [1/2 definitions]
star route a postal route between stations, given to a private carrier on contract.
supercarrier combined form of carrier.
tare2 the weight of a carrier, container, or wrapper deducted from the gross weight of goods to determine the net weight of the contents. [2/4 definitions]
touch football a variety of football played without protective gear in which the ball carrier is stopped by being touched by an opponent instead of being tackled.