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feud to carry on a feud. [1/3 definitions]
intrigue to carry on an illicit or secret love affair. [1/7 definitions]
manage to get along; continue to carry on. [1/6 definitions]
monopoly an exclusive privilege, granted by government, to carry on a particular business. [1/5 definitions]
operate to be in the process of action; carry on affairs. [1/5 definitions]
prosecute to begin or carry on legal action against (a person or group), or to seek enforcement of (a claim) through legal action. [2/5 definitions]
raft1 to carry on or in a raft; transport by raft. [1/6 definitions]
rake1 to carry on a search. [1/12 definitions]
stock in trade goods for sale, or implements and materials necessary to carry on business or work at a trade. [1/2 definitions]
sulky a light horse-drawn carriage with two wheels that is made to carry one person, used esp. in harness racing. [1/4 definitions]
tote to carry on one's back or in one's arms or hands. [1/2 definitions]
traffic to carry on trade or commerce. [1/6 definitions]
wage to carry on or engage in (a war, conflict, or campaign). [1/3 definitions]
wear to have or carry on one's person as a covering or ornament. [1/15 definitions]
whistle-stop to carry on a political campaign, theatrical tour, or the like by making short appearances or speeches, as in a number of small towns.