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blithe indifferent or casual; unconcerned. [1/2 definitions]
chat casual talk, gossip, or exchange of opinion. [1/5 definitions]
chitchat casual or insignificant conversation. [1/3 definitions]
chuck1 (informal) to throw away; discard, esp. in a casual manner. [1/6 definitions]
diverting causing amusement or casual interest; entertaining.
drop by to come for a casual and usually brief visit or errand, generally with little or no planning.
drop in to come for a casual visit, usually without arranging to in advance.
flirtation a casual, superficial, or passing relationship or involvement, usu. romantic. [1/2 definitions]
free and easy casual and unconstrained.
housecoat a woman's casual robe worn only in the home, often over a nightgown or pajamas.
informal not formal or ceremonious; casual. [2/3 definitions]
itinerant one who travels from place to place, often to do his or her work on a fixed circuit or as casual labor. [1/3 definitions]
jump suit a casual garment for men or women that is similar to this. [1/2 definitions]
knockabout designed or suitable for rough or casual use. [1/3 definitions]
laid-back (informal) relaxed, unhurried, or casual.
leisure suit a casual suit, worn by men, having a shirtlike jacket and matching pants.
loafer (cap.) trademark for a casual slip-on shoe with a flat heel. [1/2 definitions]
negligent careless or casual. [1/2 definitions]
noncasual combined form of casual.
nonchalance the condition or quality of being nonchalant; cool confidence and unconcern; casual indifference.
offhand casual, unceremonious, or brusque. [1/3 definitions]