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alkali any of a category of base chemicals, made up of hydroxides of certain metals and of ammonium, which neutralize acids to form salts. [1/2 definitions]
annelid belonging to the category of annelids. [1/2 definitions]
aristocracy any group or category thought to be superior. [1/5 definitions]
aspect in grammar, a category of verb inflections, such as past perfect and past progressive, that indicate whether an action or state is ended or continues, is singular or repeated, and the like. [1/5 definitions]
battleship one in a category of large, heavily armored military ships.
borderline not quite fitting into a well-defined category; doubtful. [1/2 definitions]
buck1 of the lowest grade or rank in a particular military category. [1/3 definitions]
categorical of, in, or pertaining to a category. [1/2 definitions]
categorize to describe or understand by assigning to a category. [1/2 definitions]
class to put or arrange in a category. [1/8 definitions]
classic representative or typical of a class or category; serving as a standard. [1/8 definitions]
classify to assign to a particular category or group. [1/3 definitions]
completist a person, such as a stamp collector, who strives for a complete collection of samples of every kind in a particular category or group.
conjugation in grammar, a category of verbs having in common similar inflected forms. [1/4 definitions]
declension in grammar, a category of adjectives, nouns, or pronouns having in common similar inflected forms. [1/3 definitions]
designate to place in a particular category; characterize. [1/5 definitions]
fiction a category of such work. [1/3 definitions]
fictional of, relating to, or in the category of fiction. [1/2 definitions]
first person in grammar, a category of pronouns, inflections, and the like indicating the writer or speaker of a sentence or the group of which he or she is a member. [2/3 definitions]
genre a particular type, sort, or category. [2/3 definitions]
genus any category, class, or group. [1/2 definitions]