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Aberdeen Angus any of various hornless beef cattle originating in Scotland and having a smooth black coat.
alfalfa a legume with purple flowers that is grown widely as forage for cattle and horses.
alpenhorn a very long curved wooden horn, used by herdsmen in the Alps to call cattle.
anthrax an infectious, often fatal disease, esp. of sheep and cattle, but communicable to humans. [1/2 definitions]
aurochs an extinct wild ox once common in northern Africa, Europe, and western Asia, and probably an ancestor of domestic cattle. [1/2 definitions]
beefalo the hybrid offspring of beef cattle and the American buffalo.
beef cattle cattle bred and raised for meat.
bloat a disease of sheep and cattle characterized by swelling of the abdomen because of gas. [1/5 definitions]
bola a throwing weapon with heavy balls attached to the ends of a rope, used by South American herdsmen to entangle the legs of cattle and game.
Bouvier des Flandres any of a breed of large dog that has a rough coat and pointed ears and was originally used in Belgium for herding cattle.
brand a mark made, as on cattle, by burning with a hot iron, to indicate identity or ownership. [1/8 definitions]
brucellosis a bacteria-induced disease that causes recurring fever and pains in the joints in people and abortions in cattle; undulant fever; Malta fever; Mediterranean fever.
buckaroo a man who tends cattle, often on horseback; cowboy.
bull1 a sexually mature male of several animal species, such as cattle and elephants. [1/9 definitions]
calf1 the young of cattle or of other bovine mammals, and of some other large mammals such as seals or whales. [1/2 definitions]
cattleman a person, such as a rancher or farmer, who tends, feeds, or raises cattle, esp. for the market.
Charolais any of a breed of white beef cattle often used to crossbreed with other types of cattle.
corral an enclosed area in which horses or cattle are kept. [1/4 definitions]
cowbird a North American member of the blackbird family, usu. with a brownish head, often found with herds of cattle.
cowboy a mounted cattle herdsman employed by ranches of the western United States. [1/3 definitions]
cowgirl a young woman hired to herd and tend cattle, usu. on horseback, in the western United States. [1/2 definitions]