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challenge to make or issue a challenge. [1/7 definitions]
contest to challenge, deny, or dispute. [1/5 definitions]
dare to provoke or challenge (someone) into doing something dangerous or adventurous as a test of courage. [2/4 definitions]
defiance a provocation or challenge for combat. [1/3 definitions]
defy to resist or challenge openly; act against the wishes or decrees of. [2/3 definitions]
dispute to question the value or correctness of; challenge. [1/7 definitions]
Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu an American of Japanese descent who, during World War II, was one of few Japanese-Americans to openly defy the relocation orders of the U.S. Government. Korematsu was arrested and sent to an internment center in 1942, and his challenge to the constitutionality of forced relocation was ruled against by the Supreme Court in 1944 in Korematsu v. United States (b.1919--d.2005).
gage1 an object, such as a glove, thrown down as a symbol of a promise or challenge to fight. [1/2 definitions]
heretic anyone who holds opinions or beliefs that challenge deeply established social, political, or religious views. [1/2 definitions]
impugn to call into question; challenge or try to discredit.
patient having or showing forbearance when faced with opposition or challenge from others. [1/7 definitions]
rechallenge combined form of challenge.
take up the gauntlet to agree to a challenge, esp. to a fight.
taunt to reproach, deride, or challenge in scornful, insulting language; jeer at. [1/2 definitions]
throw down the gauntlet to challenge another, esp. to a fight.
undertake to take on (a task, project, challenge or the like); decide or start to do. [1/2 definitions]
uphold to support or affirm, esp. in the face of a challenge. [1/2 definitions]