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accuse to charge with a crime or wrongdoing.
acquit to clear (someone) of a charge or accusation, as in a court of law. [1/3 definitions]
administer to manage, execute, or be in charge of. [1/5 definitions]
administration those in charge of directing or managing, considered collectively. [1/3 definitions]
aerate to fill or charge (a liquid) with a gas, esp. carbon dioxide. [1/3 definitions]
-age rate; amount; charge. [1/5 definitions]
amber a hard, translucent fossil resin that will develop an electric charge when rubbed. [1/4 definitions]
American plan a system by which hotels charge a fixed rate for room, meals, and service. (Cf. European plan.)
anchorage a charge for anchoring privileges. [1/4 definitions]
antiparticle in physics, either of two subatomic particles that have the same mass, spin, degree of charge, and magnetic moment, but that have opposite signs of charge and directions of magnetic moment and whose collision causes mutual annihilation.
arraign to bring before a court of law to respond to a charge or indictment. [1/2 definitions]
assault and battery in law, the act of, and charge against, an offender who threatens and carries out the threat to attack or do other physical violence to another.
auctioneer one who is in charge of the sale of goods at auctions. [1/2 definitions]
bailiff a U.S. court attendant in charge of maintaining order and other minor matters. [1/2 definitions]
ball boy a boy or young man who retrieves stray balls during a tennis or baseball game, or who has charge of balls used in practice, as in football and basketball.
ball girl a girl or young woman who retrieves stray balls during a tennis or baseball game, or who has charge of balls used in practice, as in field hockey or volleyball.
bawd a woman in charge of a brothel or whorehouse; madam. [1/2 definitions]
beta ray a stream of beta particles, esp. those with a negative charge.
bishop a clergyman who holds a high position in certain Christian churches and is often in charge of a diocese or of a number of churches. [1/2 definitions]
burden of proof the responsibility, esp. in law, of disproving an allegation or charge, or proving something that has been asserted.
cap1 a tiny explosive charge, usu. contained in paper, for use in a toy pistol. [1/9 definitions]