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babushka a woman's scarf, usu. triangle-shaped, that is worn on the head and tied under the chin.
bib a piece of cloth tied under the chin and worn esp. by babies to protect the clothing during a meal. [1/2 definitions]
bonnet a traditional women's cloth hat with a brim and fastened beneath the chin with ribbons, now worn primarily by infants. [1/6 definitions]
burnsides a mustache and side whiskers worn with the chin clean-shaven. (See sideburns.)
Canada goose a large wild goose of North America, having brownish gray feathers, a black head and neck, and a white patch under the chin and up both sides of the face.
chin in gymnastics, to pull (oneself) upward from a dangling position while grasping a horizontal bar until the chin is level with the bar. [2/3 definitions]
chinless combined form of chin.
chuck1 to playfully or affectionately touch or pat, esp. under the chin. [2/6 definitions]
double chin one or more fatty folds of flesh beneath the chin.
face the part of the head that extends from the forehead to the chin and from ear to ear. [1/11 definitions]
feature an element of the face such as the eyes, nose, or chin. [1/9 definitions]
gill1 (pl.) a fleshy, wrinkled piece of skin or flesh hanging below the beak of a bird or under the chin of a person; wattle. [1/5 definitions]
goatee a small beard on a man's chin, often trimmed to a tuft or point and resembling the beard of a goat.
imperial2 a small, pointed beard grown on the lower lip and chin.
jawline the line or contour formed by the lower edge of the jawbone and chin.
langur any of several slender, long-tailed Asian monkeys that have a chin tuft and bushy eyebrows.
muttonchops side whiskers on either side of a clean-shaven chin, that are rounded and broad at the lower jaw and narrow at the temple.
pull-up an exercise to strengthen the arms in which one hangs by the hands from an overhead bar and gradually pulls the body up until the chin is even with the bar. [1/2 definitions]
uppercut a quick blow that is directed upward, usu. to an opponent's chin. [1/2 definitions]
violin a relatively small, high-pitched stringed instrument with an unfretted fingerboard, whose four strings are tuned in fifths, and that is played by being held horizontally out from chin and shoulder.
whisker (usu. pl.) facial hair growing on the upper lip, cheeks, and chin. [1/3 definitions]