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affricate a speech sound that results from a stoppage of breath followed by a release at the same point of articulation, such as the "ch" sound in "chip".
blue chip in poker, a blue playing chip having the highest value. [1/3 definitions]
crisp (chiefly British) a very thin slice of potato that is deep-fried and seasoned with salt and sometimes other flavorings; potato chip. [1/7 definitions]
firmware a computer program or set of functions stored on a ROM chip, rather than in software.
ice pick a pointed metal tool used to chip or break ice into small pieces.
integrated circuit a complete electronic circuit, comprising circuit elements in a complex interconnection, imprinted or etched on a tiny chip of semiconductor material.
microcircuit a miniature electronic circuit, usu. integrated with insulating material as on a silicon chip.
microprocessor the integrated circuit of a microcomputer, usu. contained on a single silicon chip.
nacho a small tortilla chip spread with cheese and sometimes other spicy food and then broiled.
nick a shallow cut, notch, or chip in a surface. [2/6 definitions]
tollhouse cookie a crisp chocolate-chip cookie sometimes containing chopped nuts.