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bonbon a candy with a filling of fruit jam, nuts, or creamy sugar paste enclosed in a coating of chocolate or the like.
Boston cream pie a two-layer cake with a custard filling and chocolate icing.
brownie a small square of chocolate cake, usu. rich and chewy and containing nuts. [1/3 definitions]
cacao the seed of this tree, used in making chocolate and cocoa. [1/2 definitions]
caffeine a bitter substance that occurs in coffee, tea, chocolate, and the like and is used as a stimulant or diuretic.
candy a confection made with sugar or other sweetener, usu. with flavorings such as chocolate or peppermint and fillings such as nuts. [1/5 definitions]
candy bar a sweet in the form of a bar, often made of chocolate or of chocolate along with other ingredients such as caramel, nougat, nuts, and the like, eaten as a snack.
cappuccino espresso coffee mixed with steamed milk and often topped with cinnamon or chocolate and whipped cream.
carob the pod of this tree, used in making beverages and candy that resemble chocolate, or used as fodder. [1/2 definitions]
chocolate a single small piece of chocolate candy, usually rectangular, round, or oval in shape and often containing a sweet filling or nuts. [3/7 definitions]
chocolate bar a candy bar made primarily with chocolate.
crème de cacao a sweet, chocolate-flavored liqueur.
devil's food cake a rich, moist chocolate cake, often covered with rich icing.
éclair an oblong pastry filled with whipped cream or custard and usu. frosted with chocolate.
fondue a hot saucelike dish made mainly with melted cheese and wine or sometimes, as dessert, with chocolate, eaten by dipping into it pieces of bread or vegetables or, as dessert, pieces of cake or fruit.
fudge1 a soft, dense candy or frosting made by cooking sugar with other ingredients, such as butter, chocolate, milk, nuts, and flavorings.
Jimmies trademark for small chocolate sprinkles eaten esp. on ice cream.
kiss a small piece of candy, often chocolate. [1/8 definitions]
mocha a flavoring or beverage made by mixing coffee and chocolate. [2/4 definitions]
mole1 any of the thick spicy sauces of Mexican origin having a base of unsweetened chocolate and chile peppers.
mousse a light, molded dessert made with whipped cream, flavoring such as fruit or chocolate, and sometimes gelatin. [1/3 definitions]