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abstain to choose to refrain from something, esp. from actions or things considered to be unhealthy or unwise. [1/2 definitions]
assign to appoint or choose, as for a duty. [1/6 definitions]
cast to choose (an actor) for a role in a play or film. [2/18 definitions]
caucus a private meeting of leaders of a political party to choose candidates or determine policy, or such a group itself. [1/2 definitions]
choice the right, capacity, or opportunity to choose. [1/7 definitions]
chose past tense of choose.
chosen past participle of choose. [1/3 definitions]
decide to choose after considering various options. [2/7 definitions]
depute to choose as a representative or representatives. [1/2 definitions]
designate to choose (someone or something) to serve in a particular capacity or for a particular purpose. [1/5 definitions]
draw straws to choose one person from several by having each choose a partly concealed straw, with the shortest straw indicating the chosen person.
drop-down menu a menu in a computer program interface whose title is visible but whose contents are revealed only when a cursor is clicked on the title, allowing a user to choose an item on the menu.
elect to choose (something) from among various possibilities. [1/8 definitions]
flextime an arrangement by which workers have some freedom to choose their own work hours.
freedom the ability to choose and act without internal or external constraints. [1/9 definitions]
free will the ability to choose or decide voluntarily. [1/2 definitions]
handpick to choose personally. [1/2 definitions]
liberty the right or power to act and choose freely. [1/5 definitions]
lotto a lottery, usu. operated by a state government, in which players choose numbers that may match those selected at an official drawing. [1/2 definitions]
opt to decide; choose (usu. fol. by for or an infinitive).
option the right, power, or freedom to choose. [1/4 definitions]