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annular ligament a ligament in the form of a circle, esp. around the ankle or wrist joint.
arctic (often cap.) the geographical area enclosed by the Arctic Circle. [1/5 definitions]
around in a circle or part of a circle. [1/13 definitions]
azimuth an arc measured horizontally and clockwise from a point north, in navigation, or a point south, in astronomy, to another point where a vertical circle intersects the horizon. [1/2 definitions]
belle a popular and admired woman, usu. young and often considered the most outstanding beauty at a social event or in a social circle.
bull's-eye the center of a target, usu. marked with a circle. [1/3 definitions]
cabochon a polished gemstone, usu. in the form of a circle or ellipse, without facets. [1/2 definitions]
celestial equator a great circle, corresponding to the earth's equator, on the celestial sphere.
circle any arrangement in the shape of a ring or circle. [4/8 definitions]
circlet a little circle, esp. a narrow round band worn as an ornament for the head.
circular having the shape of a circle; round. [3/5 definitions]
circulation motion in a circle or along a circuit. [1/4 definitions]
circumference the outer boundary of a circle or other curvilinear figure or area; perimeter. [1/2 definitions]
closed chain a group of chemically linked atoms that can be represented in models and formulas as a ring or circle.
compass to go all the way around; circle. [1/9 definitions]
compass card a round card showing the points of the compass and degrees of a circle that is fitted within a compass case.
cromlech a prehistoric monument consisting of upright monoliths arranged in a circle around a mound. [1/2 definitions]
crop circle an area in a field of crops where plants have been systematically flattened into a circle or other geometric pattern, esp. when such flattening occurs mysteriously.
crown roast a roast of pork, lamb, or the like formed as a circle of rib chops, tied upright and often capped with paper or foil frills.
curling a game played on ice in which two teams, of four players each, slide a stone or other heavy object toward a circle at either end of the ice, the players being permitted to clean the path of the stone to control its speed and direction.
curve an arc of a circle or any line resembling such a segment. [1/7 definitions]