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circularize to circulate (a notice, letter, or the like). [1/3 definitions]
circulating library a library whose materials circulate among members of a group such as subscribers to the library. [1/2 definitions]
effuse to pour or spread out; emit; circulate. [1/4 definitions]
elevated railway a railway that is elevated on a framework, permitting ground traffic to circulate beneath it.
flow to circulate. [1/8 definitions]
go1 to circulate. [1/26 definitions]
hormone any of various substances secreted by the cells of the body that circulate in the bloodstream and produce specific, usu. stimulating effects in certain receptive organs or tissues. [1/2 definitions]
issue to give out, publish, circulate, or produce. [2/10 definitions]
pass to circulate. [2/30 definitions]
recirculate combined form of circulate.
release an authorization to publish or circulate information. [1/9 definitions]