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bangle a bracelet in the form of a solid ring, usu. without a clasp. [1/2 definitions]
barrette a small clasp, often decorative, used for holding a woman's or girl's hair in place.
bolo tie a cord worn around the neck as a tie, the ends of which are held together with an ornamental sliding clasp.
brooch a piece of jewelry attached to clothing with a pin or clasp.
chatelaine a clasp for holding keys or charms, worn at the waist. [1/3 definitions]
clasp to fasten with a clasp. [1/4 definitions]
embrace to clasp in one's arms; hug. [1/8 definitions]
fasten to close firmly or secure, as with a clasp, lock, buttons, or buckle. [1/8 definitions]
fastening that which is used to fasten or secure, such as a hook or clasp.
fold1 to hold close; clasp or entwine. [1/16 definitions]
hug a clasp with the arms, often showing affection; embrace. [1/5 definitions]
Indian wrestling a wrestling contest in which two people clasp their hands as they stand facing each other, place the outsides of their corresponding feet together, and try to push or pull each other off balance. [1/3 definitions]
paper clip a flexible wire or plastic clasp bent into loops, that holds papers together.
safety pin a pin doubled back on itself to form a clasp with a spring at one end and a protective sheath at the other that covers and holds the point.
tie clasp a usu. ornamental clasp that holds the free ends of a necktie to the shirt front.
unclasp to release or unfasten the clasp or clasps of. [1/4 definitions]
wrap to clasp or embrace. [1/10 definitions]
wring to clasp and squeeze together (the hands), as in frustration, anxiety, or distress. [1/7 definitions]