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acetal any of a class of chemicals in which aldehydes are compounded with alcohol. [1/2 definitions]
albumin any of a class of proteins soluble in water and coagulating in heat, found in egg white, blood, milk, and various plant and animal tissues.
alcohol one of a class of colorless, flammable, and volatile liquids that in pure form is contained in beverages such as beer, wine, and whiskey, and causes intoxication when drunk to excess; ethanol. [2/3 definitions]
among in the group or class of. [1/5 definitions]
amphibian belonging or pertaining to the class of cold-blooded vertebrates that have aquatic larvae and terrestrial adults. [1/4 definitions]
amylase any of a class of enzymes, found in saliva and many tissues of plants and animals, that break down starch to sugars.
anomie the alienated feeling of an individual or class resulting from such a breakdown. [1/3 definitions]
A one superior; first-rate; first-class.
arachnid an arthropod having four pairs of legs and belonging to the class that includes scorpions, ticks, and spiders.
argot the vocabulary or jargon characteristic of a specific group or class, esp. of criminals.
aristocracy a high-ranking social class, having special privileges and influence and usu. determined by heredity. [2/5 definitions]
aristocrat a member of a titled or privileged class. [3 definitions]
arthropod a class of invertebrates with hard, segmented bodies and jointed legs, including insects, spiders, crustaceans, and myriapods.
article a single item or thing, esp. one of a class or group. [1/4 definitions]
assort to fall into the same class or group; be matched. [1/2 definitions]
a whale of a (informal) an exceptionally large or fine example of a (class of objects or persons).
Babbitt the title character and protagonist of Sinclair Lewis's early twentieth-century novel, who is smug, conventional, and resolutely middle-class. [1/2 definitions]
baccalaureate a ceremony given for a class about to graduate from a school, or the address or sermon at such a ceremony. [1/2 definitions]
bantamweight a boxer of a weight class between flyweight and featherweight, between 112 and 118 pounds.
baronage the class of persons holding the rank of baron. [1/2 definitions]
beta blocker any of a class of drugs that inhibit the absorption of adrenalin and the activity of the autonomic nervous system, and are used to control the heartbeat and relieve angina and hypertension.