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assort to arrange or classify in groups; sort. [1/2 definitions]
bracket to classify or group together. [1/7 definitions]
break down to classify or to reduce into smaller categories. [1/2 definitions]
categorize to arrange by categories; classify. [1/2 definitions]
codify to classify and organize, esp. into a legal code.
color-code to organize, classify, or designate according to color.
digest to classify in some convenient arrangement; systematize. [1/8 definitions]
label a descriptive term or brief phrase used to classify a person or thing. [2/6 definitions]
mythologize to compile, classify, explain, or write about myths. [1/3 definitions]
overclassify combined form of classify.
range to arrange in a systematic way; order or classify. [1/20 definitions]
rank1 to place in order; classify. [1/10 definitions]
reclassify combined form of classify.
relegate to assign to a category; classify. [1/3 definitions]
subsume to classify, consider, or include (an idea, proposition, or the like) in a more comprehensive or general category or principle. [1/2 definitions]
type to classify, characterize, or group. [1/8 definitions]