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agree to grant or concede (usu. fol. by a clause serving as an object). [1/6 definitions]
apodosis in a conditional sentence, the clause that expresses the result or conclusion, sometimes beginning with "then". (Cf. protasis.)
appositive in grammar, a word, phrase, or clause that functions as a noun and is placed, without a conjunction, immediately after a noun or noun equivalent that refers to the same person, place, or thing, such as "a devoted scholar" in "my mother, a devoted scholar". [1/2 definitions]
argue to maintain or contend (often fol. by a clause). [1/5 definitions]
auxiliary verb a verb used in conjunction with a main verb in a clause that assists the main verb in reflecting aspects, voices, moods, and tenses. In the sentence "They have escaped," the main verb is "escaped," and the auxiliary verb is "have."
believe to feel with some confidence; suppose (usu. fol. by a clause serving as object). [1/6 definitions]
complex sentence a sentence composed of a main or independent clause and one or more dependent or subordinate clauses, such as "This is an independent clause, whereas this is a dependent clause".
conditional in grammar, expressing a condition, as by the use of the word "if" to begin a clause. [1/2 definitions]
construe to explain the grammatical uses of words in a clause or sentence. [1/6 definitions]
covenant such an agreement or clause in an agreement when made by law. [1/6 definitions]
dependent clause a clause that is syntactically not a complete sentence and is used only with an independent clause where it has the function of a noun, adjective, or adverb, such as "when he arrived" in "He seemed tired when he arrived"; subordinate clause; relative clause.
escalator clause a clause in a contract that provides for adjustment in prices, wages, and the like, based on changes in production costs, the cost of living, or the like.
grandfather clause a clause in certain laws, agreements, or the like that exempts from a control or restriction those already engaged in an act that the new law now forbids. [1/2 definitions]
independent clause in grammar, a clause that can function independently as a complete sentence; main clause.
insist to state with firmness or resolve (usu. fol. by a clause). [1/4 definitions]
limiting in grammar, of or designating an adjective or clause that restricts the meaning or application of a noun or noun equivalent. [1/2 definitions]
main clause in grammar, esp. in a sentence that contains more than one clause, a clause that can function by itself as a sentence; independent clause.
marvel to be filled with awe or amazement at (usu. fol. by a clause). [1/3 definitions]
nor used to continue or elaborate a negative statement in a preceding clause. [1/2 definitions]
promise to pledge (something) (usu. fol. by an infinitive or clause). [2/8 definitions]
protasis in a conditional sentence, the clause that expresses the condition, usu. beginning with "if". (Cf. apodosis.)