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about near; close to. [1/11 definitions]
affiliate to accept or adopt as a close associate, esp. as a subordinate member or branch. [1/4 definitions]
affinity a close resemblance; likeness in certain characteristics. [1/5 definitions]
Afro a hair style, originating among American blacks, in which the hair is worn in a high rounded bush, cropped close at the nape. [1/3 definitions]
allow to permit by not paying close enough attention. [1/4 definitions]
along in close proximity; as a companion (often fol. by "with"). [1/5 definitions]
alter ego an extremely close friend; one who is intimate. [1/2 definitions]
alveolar of a sound, articulated with the tongue close to or touching the roof of the mouth at the roots of the teeth. [1/4 definitions]
analyze to separate into parts for close scrutiny; examine.
approximate very close in accuracy; nearly exact or correct. [2/6 definitions]
approximately close to, in the area of.
assault an attack staged by armed forces, usu. resulting in close combat with the opposing forces. [1/5 definitions]
at one's elbow close by.
at one's heels in close pursuit.
attentive paying close attention; observant. [1/2 definitions]
balkline a line parallel and close to one end of a billiard table, from behind which the opening shot is made.
bathing cap a close-fitting cap of rubber, elastic, or the like, worn to keep the hair dry during swimming.
bayonet a knifelike weapon that attaches to the muzzle end of a rifle for use in close combat. [1/3 definitions]
beret a soft, round, flat cap with a close-fitting headband and no visor, usu. made of felt or wool.
bilabial pronounced with the lips close together, as the consonants "p" and "m". [2/3 definitions]
birch a deciduous tree or shrub with close-grained, hard wood and smooth bark that can be peeled off. [1/5 definitions]