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apostrophe1 this mark used to show possession, as in "Susan's clothes," "children's shoes," and "citizens' rights". [1/3 definitions]
apparel something that clothes or adorns. [1/4 definitions]
attire to dress, esp. in fancy or elegant clothes. [1/2 definitions]
black black clothes. [1/13 definitions]
bombazine a finely woven twill cloth of silk or rayon with wool, often dyed black for use as mourning clothes.
boutique a small shop, esp. one specializing in gifts or fashionable clothes and accessories.
buckram a stiff cotton fabric used esp. in the binding of books and in the lining of some clothes. [1/2 definitions]
bushel2 to repair or alter (clothes).
canonicals clothes prescribed by church law for clergy who are conducting services.
change to remove and replace the clothes or coverings of. [1/17 definitions]
clothesline a rope, cord, or wire on which clothes, blankets, curtains, and the like are hung to dry or air.
clothespin a clip or forked peg of wood or plastic, used to secure clothes on a line for drying.
clothing articles of dress collectively; clothes. [1/2 definitions]
clown a comic performer, as in a circus, who wears odd clothes and exaggerated makeup and entertains by jokes, tricks, juggling, and the like. [1/4 definitions]
cost of living the average cost of food, shelter, clothes, and other basic necessities for a household or a single person.
costume a set of clothes suited to a particular season, occasion, or activity. [1/4 definitions]
cutter someone or something that cuts, as in the making of clothes. [1/4 definitions]
decent (informal) having enough clothes on; dressed. [1/5 definitions]
disrobe to take the clothes off; undress.
dress to put clothes on oneself, or to generally attire oneself (in a specified manner). [1/11 definitions]
dress up to dress in formal or fancy clothes.