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apparel clothing, such as shirts, dresses, coats, and the like, esp. of a fine or decorative sort. [1/4 definitions]
apron a garment covering all or part of the front of the body, usu. worn to protect the wearer's clothing. [1/3 definitions]
array fine clothing; attire. [1/6 definitions]
attire clothing, esp. fancy or elegant garments. [1/2 definitions]
au naturel without clothing; naked; nude. [1/3 definitions]
bandbox a usu. cylindrical box of cardboard or thin wood, used to hold a hat or other clothing items.
bare lacking clothing or covering; naked. [1/6 definitions]
batiste a fine woven fabric used for clothing.
bead a small, generally round object, usu. made of glass, wood, or the like with a hole through its center for stringing to make necklaces or for decorating clothing. [1/8 definitions]
best one's finest clothing, usu. worn on special occasions. [1/11 definitions]
bib a piece of cloth tied under the chin and worn esp. by babies to protect the clothing during a meal. [1/2 definitions]
bib and tucker (informal) clothing, esp. one's best garment or outfit.
binding a decorative or protective strip of fabric fastened to the edge of a piece of clothing, curtain, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
blue one who wears blue clothing, or a group identified by the color blue. [1/8 definitions]
bosom to swell out, as a piece of loose clothing. [1/7 definitions]
brief of clothing, short, small, or revealing. [1/8 definitions]
broadcloth a fabric with a close weave and a soft finish, made of cotton, rayon, or silk and used for clothing.
brooch a piece of jewelry attached to clothing with a pin or clasp.
brown one who wears brown clothing or a group identified by the color brown. [1/6 definitions]
bugle3 a cylindrical glass or plastic bead used to decorate clothing.
bundle up to dress in warm clothing, esp. bulky clothing.