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Aquadag in electronics, trademark for the graphite coating on the inside of some cathode ray tubes.
blister any such raised bubble in a coating, such as paint. [1/5 definitions]
bloom in botany, a delicate coating on the surface of some leaves and fruits that resembles powder. [1/8 definitions]
bonbon a candy with a filling of fruit jam, nuts, or creamy sugar paste enclosed in a coating of chocolate or the like.
brown sugar unrefined or partially refined sugar whose crystals have kept a thin coating of dark syrup.
caplet a form of medication that is solid like a tablet and has a coating like a capsule.
cladding a metal bonded to another metal as a protective coating. [1/2 definitions]
cornea the portion of the eyeball's outer coating that is transparent and covers the iris and pupil.
crud (slang) a coating of dirt, crust, caked filth, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
dredge2 to roll in or sprinkle with a substance such as flour or sugar so as to make a coating.
emulsion a light-sensitive coating of silver halides suspended in gelatin, used on photographic film and paper. [1/2 definitions]
enamel a glossy, usu. opaque coating fused by heat to metal, glass, pottery, or other surfaces for protection or decoration, or objects so coated. [1/5 definitions]
film a thin coating. [2/11 definitions]
filmy covered by a thin layer, skin, or coating. [1/2 definitions]
flex (chiefly British) a small flexible electrical cable with a protective coating, used to supply power from an outlet to an appliance; cord. [1/3 definitions]
floppy disk a thin flexible plastic disk with a magnetic coating, on which computer information can be stored; diskette; floppy.
fluorescent lamp a glass tube with a fluorescent coating on the inside that gives off light when the mercury vapor in the tube is bombarded with a stream of electrons.
flypaper paper with a sticky, sometimes poisonous coating, often hung in narrow strips from the ceiling, to catch and kill flies.
frosted given an appearance of frost, as by coating glass with a translucent substance or by coloring ends or strands of hair in a lighter color than the rest of one's hair. [1/4 definitions]
frosting a roughened or speckled coating on glass or metal, used for opacity or decoration. [1/2 definitions]
glaze to apply a smooth, usu. bonded coating to (pottery) with heat. [6/9 definitions]