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afloat in operation; avoiding collapse. [1/6 definitions]
ancient Rome a civilization cultivated by the city-state of Rome from the 8th century B.C.E. through its development as a republic and its collapse as an empire in the 5th century A.D.
break to burst or collapse. [1/25 definitions]
breakdown a physical, emotional, or mental collapse. [1/3 definitions]
buckle to cause to collapse, bend, or crumple. [2/9 definitions]
cave in to collapse inward. [1/2 definitions]
cave-in a collapse inward, as of the walls of an underground mine.
collapse to cause to collapse. [1/7 definitions]
collapsible able to collapse or be collapsed, esp. for ease in carrying, storing, or the like.
crack to collapse or lose control under pressure. [1/15 definitions]
crack-up a mental collapse. [1/2 definitions]
crash1 a noisy collapse or breakage. [1/17 definitions]
crumple to cause to fall down or collapse. [2/5 definitions]
debacle a sudden collapse into disaster; downfall. [1/3 definitions]
deflate to cause to shrink or collapse, esp. by releasing air or gas. [2/4 definitions]
fold1 (informal) to weaken or collapse after effort or exertion. [1/16 definitions]
give to yield or collapse under pressure. [1/14 definitions]
give way to collapse. [1/3 definitions]
gold bug (informal) one who supports the gold standard or who invests in gold for financial security, esp. as protection against an anticipated collapse in the value of currency or stocks. [1/2 definitions]
go to pieces to lose emotional or mental stability or control; collapse.
heat exhaustion a condition caused by excessive heat and characterized by dizziness, nausea, profuse sweating, and often complete collapse; heat prostration.