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ablaze fiery in color and brilliance. [1/2 definitions]
achromic lacking color; colorless.
agate a type of quartz with cloudy patches or bands of color. [1/2 definitions]
alabaster the white or yellowish white color of alabaster. [2/5 definitions]
almond a light tan color resembling that of the flesh of the almond. [2/6 definitions]
altocumulus a cloud having rounded, fluffy edges and a white or gray color, found at medium altitudes.
amber the yellowish brown color of amber. [2/4 definitions]
amethyst a purplish or violet color. [2/4 definitions]
apricot the color of such fruit when ripe. [1/3 definitions]
aqua a light greenish blue or blue-green color. [1/2 definitions]
aquamarine a bluish green color. [1/2 definitions]
areola in anatomy, a small ring of color, as around a human nipple. [1/2 definitions]
argent in heraldry, the metal silver or its color. [1/2 definitions]
ashen1 of the color of ashes; very pale. [1/2 definitions]
ashy the color of ashes; ashen. [1/3 definitions]
aubergine a dark purple, the color of eggplant. [1/2 definitions]
auburn a medium brown or reddish brown color.
aureate golden in color; gilded. [1/2 definitions]
azure the color of a clear blue sky; sky blue. [2 definitions]
band2 a stripe or strip that contrasts with its surroundings in color or material. [1/4 definitions]
beige a soft grayish tan color.