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Bertillon system a system used before the adoption of fingerprinting for identification, esp. of criminals, through records of bodily measurements, markings, coloring, and the like.
camouflage a method of concealing something such as a person, vehicle, or building, esp. from an enemy military force, by covering it or coloring it so as to imitate its surroundings. [2/5 definitions]
-chrome color or coloring matter; pigment. [1/3 definitions]
coloration arrangement or appearance of color; coloring. [1/2 definitions]
crayon a colored stick or pencil, esp. one made of wax, used for drawing and coloring. [1/3 definitions]
eosin a red crystalline powder, used in staining tissues for microscopic viewing, in coloring gasoline, and in ink manufacturing.
ethylene a colorless, flammable organic gas used in coloring citrus fruit, making organic synthetics, and anesthesia.
euglena any of various freshwater flagellates of the genus Euglena, characterized by a single flagellum, light-sensitive eyespot, and usually bright green coloring.
frosted given an appearance of frost, as by coating glass with a translucent substance or by coloring ends or strands of hair in a lighter color than the rest of one's hair. [1/4 definitions]
green alga any of numerous algae with green coloring, such as sea lettuce.
henna a reddish dyestuff used in coloring hair and leather. [1/4 definitions]
lipstick a cosmetic for coloring the lips, usu. in stick form in a tubular container.
margarine a butter substitute made of hydrogenated vegetable oils, milk, coloring agents, and other ingredients; oleo.
marking a characteristic pattern of marks or coloring, as of a plant or animal. [1/3 definitions]
neodymium a rare-earth metallic chemical element that has sixty protons in each nucleus and that occurs most frequently as a trivalent ion in salts and minerals, used esp. in coloring high-quality optical glass. (symbol: Nd)
paint a liquid mixture of material including coloring agents or pigments, used to cover the surface of something. [3/10 definitions]
pale of whitish coloring; pallid. [1/5 definitions]
pigment a powdered substance that can be suspended in oil, water, or the like to make a coloring material such as paint or ink. [1/4 definitions]
pigmentation the process of coloring by using a pigment. [1/2 definitions]
tincture something that stains, tints, or colors, or the coloring so imparted or infused. [2/5 definitions]
tint a dye or coloring for the hair. [1/6 definitions]