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aidman an enlisted medical corpsman attached to a combat unit.
anticancer used to combat cancerous malignancy.
antioxidant a substance that prevents or slows down oxidation, sometimes used to combat the deterioration of rubber or soaps.
antitank designed for use against tanks or other armored vehicles during combat.
assault an attack staged by armed forces, usu. resulting in close combat with the opposing forces. [1/5 definitions]
at swords' points mutually hostile and likely to engage in combat; antagonistic.
baptism of fire a soldier's first experience of being in combat and under fire. [1/2 definitions]
battle fatigue severe mental distress or disorder resulting from combat in war; combat fatigue. (See shell shock.)
bayonet a knifelike weapon that attaches to the muzzle end of a rifle for use in close combat. [1/3 definitions]
beach grass any of several tough, deeply rooted perennial grasses that grow wild on beaches and are sometimes planted there to combat erosion.
Bronze Star a U.S. military medal given for heroic or outstanding achievement in ground combat.
clear the decks to prepare for combat or some other activity by eliminating anything that might interfere.
close quarters close proximity, esp. in hand-to-hand combat. [1/2 definitions]
combatant someone or something that engages in combat. [1/2 definitions]
corps a military combat unit consisting of two or more divisions. [1/3 definitions]
crackdown an increase in the severity with which rules, laws, or the like are enforced, esp. to combat abuses or rectify a problem.
cross swords to meet in physical combat; fight. [1/2 definitions]
cyclizine an antihistamine used to combat nausea and motion sickness.
dealate having lost the wings in combat, through injury, or the like, as certain insects that shed their wings after the mating flight.
defiance a provocation or challenge for combat. [1/3 definitions]
deployment an act of deploying, esp. the placement of military forces in preparation for combat.