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about face a military command to turn and face the opposite direction.
about-face a reversal of one's position or direction, esp. in response to a military command. [1/3 definitions]
adjure to command or bind as by oath. [1/2 definitions]
air force the aviation branch of a nation's military forces, or one of the units under an air command.
avast used in nautical terminology as a command to stop.
be used to introduce a command to act in a specified way, take on a specified characteristic, or to become a specified thing or person. [2/10 definitions]
behest an order or command. [1/2 definitions]
bid to direct; command. [1/8 definitions]
bidding direction; command. [1/2 definitions]
centurion in ancient Rome, an officer in command of a company of about one hundred men.
charge an order, command, or directive. [1/22 definitions]
commandable combined form of command.
commanding being in charge; having command. [1/3 definitions]
command performance a performance of a play, opera, concert, or the like that is given in response to a royal request or command.
control to exercise the power to regulate, dominate, or manipulate; command. [1/9 definitions]
copilot one who is second in command to the pilot of an airplane.
coxswain one in command of a ship's boat. [1/2 definitions]
demand to make a forceful request or command. [1/9 definitions]
dictate a command; directive. [1/6 definitions]
direct to command or instruct, or to control by giving orders or instructions. [2/14 definitions]
direction an order or command. [1/7 definitions]