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authority the right, power, or ability to give orders, make decisions, or demand or compel obedience. [1/4 definitions]
bluster to compel by blustering; bully. [1/5 definitions]
coerce to compel or bring about by intimidation or force. [1/2 definitions]
compulsive able to compel; compelling. [1/3 definitions]
constrain to cause by physical, moral, or other compulsion; compel; oblige. [1/3 definitions]
drive to compel or severely pressure (someone) to do something. [1/18 definitions]
eject to compel to leave one's place, position, or property; dismiss or evict. [1/3 definitions]
enforce to compel compliance with or obedience to. [1/3 definitions]
force to use strength or coercion in order to compel. [1/14 definitions]
hijack to take charge of (an airplane or other vehicle) by force, so as to compel it to go somewhere, to demand ransom, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
mesmerize to hold the attention or compel the obedience of, as though by hypnotism; fascinate; enthrall. [1/2 definitions]
pressure to compel (someone) into a course of action by forceful influence or coercion. [1/4 definitions]
put the screws on to compel (someone) by exerting pressure or force; coerce.
shame to compel through guilt. [1/8 definitions]