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bankrupt in a state of having been legally declared incapable of paying off one's debts and having one's assets administered by a court to compensate creditors. [1/6 definitions]
cancel of two factors, to compensate for or neutralize one another (often fol. by out). [1/5 definitions]
hedge a means of limiting the extent of possible loss by acting ahead of time to compensate for it. [2/5 definitions]
make up to pay back or compensate. [1/4 definitions]
offset to balance or compensate for. [1/9 definitions]
pay to compensate. [1/16 definitions]
recompense to repay someone for having given service or having suffered a loss; compensate. [2/4 definitions]
remunerate to pay or compensate for services, goods, or losses. [1/2 definitions]
repair1 to compensate or make amends for. [1/6 definitions]
restitution the payment of money in order to compensate for damage, loss, or injury. [1/2 definitions]
supply1 to compensate for a lack or deficiency of. [1/9 definitions]