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amends (used with a sing. or pl. verb) payment or compensation given to repair or satisfy damage, injury, or loss.
angary the legal right of a state or nation at war to seize, destroy, or otherwise use the property of a neutral state, provided proper compensation is made.
blood money compensation paid to a murder victim's next of kin. [1/3 definitions]
comp. abbreviation of "compensation." [1/3 definitions]
compensable entitled or subject to compensation.
compensatory providing compensation, as for injury or loss.
damage (pl.) in law, money claimed or paid as compensation for injury or loss. [1/4 definitions]
demurrage the compensation paid to the carrier as a result of such a delay. [1/2 definitions]
double dipping the practice, often regarded as unethical, of receiving benefits such as salary, pension, or other compensation from two organizations simultaneously.
eminent domain in law, the right of a government to appropriate privately owned land or property for public use, upon payment of compensation to the owner.
emolument profit or compensation from one's position or employment, such as salary or fees.
employee someone who works for a person or business in return for wages or other compensation.
Fair Labor Standards Act law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1938 and administered by the U.S. Department of Labor to establish work standards, such as national minimum wage, overtime compensation for certain jobs, and restriction on the use of child labor.
golden parachute (informal) a contract or agreement that guarantees top executives of a company severance pay or other compensation in the event that they lose their jobs as a result of an acquisition by or merger with another company, or the severance pay so offered.
indemnify to make compensation to for loss, damage, or expense incurred. [1/2 definitions]
indemnity compensation for damage or loss sustained. [1/3 definitions]
insurer someone or something that insures, esp. a person or company in the business of guaranteeing protection or compensation in case of loss or harm.
lease a contract or agreement for the occupancy or use of one party's property by another for a specified period of time and in exchange for monetary or other compensation; rental agreement. [2/5 definitions]
let to rent or lease (one's property) to another in return for compensation. [1/8 definitions]
means test an inquiry into a person's financial status and economic resources, esp. to determine eligibility for unemployment compensation, welfare payments, low-cost housing, or the like.
negotiable capable of being converted into cash or of being transferred to the ownership of another with or without endorsement or compensation. [1/2 definitions]