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beef (informal) to complain. [1/4 definitions]
bellyache (informal) to complain, esp. in a whining or irritable manner. [1/3 definitions]
bitch (informal) to complain. [1/3 definitions]
carp1 to complain and criticize constantly, esp. about petty things.
carping inclined to find fault or complain.
crab2 to criticize or complain. [1/2 definitions]
faultfinder one who finds much to criticize or complain about, esp. of a petty nature.
fuss to complain, esp. peevishly. [1/5 definitions]
gripe (informal) to complain continually; nag; grumble. [1/6 definitions]
grouse2 (informal) to complain. [1/2 definitions]
grump to grumble, complain, or sulk. [1/3 definitions]
holler to object strongly; complain. [1/5 definitions]
kick (informal) to express dissatisfaction; complain. [1/14 definitions]
lament to feel or express regret or sorrow; grieve or complain. [1/5 definitions]
moan to express discontent or grief; complain or lament. [2/7 definitions]
mutter to grumble or complain in a low voice. [1/4 definitions]
poormouth to complain about one's lack of funds or other resources, sometimes as an excuse. [1/2 definitions]
quarrel to express disagreement, complain, or find fault. [1/4 definitions]
rant to speak or complain loudly and vehemently. [1/3 definitions]
remonstrate to object, complain, or protest, esp. by giving reasons. [1/2 definitions]
repine to express or feel unhappiness; complain; fret. [1/2 definitions]