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abort to cause to end before completion. [1/6 definitions]
abortion a project or idea that has failed to be carried to completion, or the result of the failure to reach completion. [1/4 definitions]
backlog to hold back for future processing or completion. [1/3 definitions]
carry out to bring to completion. [1/2 definitions]
certificate a document affirming or acknowledging one's completion of an educational course or program. [1/6 definitions]
check-box a small empty square printed next to an item on a form, test, or list, to be filled in with a check or other mark to indicate choice or completion. [1/2 definitions]
check mark a mark () placed next to an item to indicate correctness, completion, choice, or other kinds of verification.
consummation the act of consummating; completion; fulfillment. [2/3 definitions]
do1 to complete or carry out to completion; perform. [1/12 definitions]
doctorate the highest academic degree, esp. the Ph.D., awarded for completion of advanced work at the graduate level, or as an honorary degree, and conferring the title or status of doctor on the recipient; doctor's degree.
end a point in time at which a process, activity, or designated period ceases or reaches completion; termination; conclusion. [1/18 definitions]
follow-through the act or process of carrying on with an activity or project, esp. to completion. [1/2 definitions]
fulfill to effect or bring to realization or completion. [1/4 definitions]
graduation the conferring or receiving of a degree or diploma for the completion of study at a school, college, or university. [1/4 definitions]
grand tour an extended tour of Europe, esp. continental Europe, formerly taken as the culmination and completion of study by young, wealthy, often aristocratic men of England or America. [1/2 definitions]
lead time the period of time between the decision to begin a project and its completion, as between the planning and completed manufacture of a product.
luge a sports event in which such sleds race on a prepared downhill run for the fastest completion times. [1/2 definitions]
mop-up the completion of an action, esp. a military action.
perfect to bring to, or nearer to, perfection or completion. [1/7 definitions]
prosecute to follow through (an action, task, or the like) to completion. [1/5 definitions]
prosecution the supervising and continuing of an action to completion. [1/3 definitions]