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absolute value the magnitude of a complex number; modulus. [1/2 definitions]
algebra the structural workings of a complex phenomenon. [1/2 definitions]
anabolism the process in living organisms by which complex structures are synthesized from simple ones, as body tissues from food.
ant any of certain ground-dwelling insects that live in colonies of complex organization.
apraxia a disorder that prevents certain complex muscular movements, caused by damage to the brain.
arabesque a complex design of interlaced scrolls, foliage, and other fanciful shapes, or an ornamental object having such a design. [1/4 definitions]
biotin a compound considered part of the vitamin B complex, found in milk, egg yolks, and yeast.
bop1 a form of jazz music having complex rhythms and harmonies which overlay and frequently obscure the melody.
catabolism the metabolic breakdown, in living organisms, of complex substances into simpler ones. (Cf. anabolism.)
chemistry the science that studies the structures, functions, transformations, and interactions of basic elements, as, for example, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and sodium, as well as complex substances that combine basic elements. [1/4 definitions]
choline a vitamin of the vitamin B complex, found in most animal and vegetable foods.
choreograph to plan (a complex event or sequence of events) in great detail. [1/2 definitions]
choreographer a person who plans a complex event or sequence of events in great detail. [1/2 definitions]
cilium one of the microscopic hairlike structures on the surface of many cells, providing locomotion in single-celled animals and movement of fluid across the cells that line certain organs, such as the lungs or stomach, in complex animals. [1/3 definitions]
civilization an advanced state of development of a society as judged by such things as having a complex system of government and laws, use of a written language, and the keeping of written records. [1/6 definitions]
clause in grammar, a sequence of words having a subject and a verb and forming one part of a compound or complex sentence, or all of a simple sentence. [1/2 definitions]
complexity the state or condition of being complex or complicated. [2 definitions]
complicate to make (a problem, issue, or situation) more difficult or complex. [1/3 definitions]
complication a complicated or complex state or condition. [1/3 definitions]
compound fraction see complex fraction.
condominium an apartment complex in which each apartment is privately owned, or such an apartment itself. [1/2 definitions]