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abutment an architectural component that supports an arch, vault, or the like, as of a bridge. [1/2 definitions]
accessory a nonessential component used for beauty, added pleasure, or convenience. [1/4 definitions]
atom an invisible component of any element, consisting of protons, neutrons, and electrons, once considered the smallest possible unit of matter. [1/2 definitions]
auriferous having gold as a component; gold-bearing.
basis the principal component. [1/3 definitions]
cartilage a tough, white, elastic connective tissue forming a major component of the skeletons of fetuses and young vertebrates, and turning largely to bone as the organism matures. [1/2 definitions]
Castor a white triple star, each component of which is a double star, in the constellation Gemini, having a combined magnitude of 2.5.
chitin a substance that is the principle component of the shells of crustaceans and the exoskeletons of arthropods.
component acting as a component; belonging to; composing. [1/2 definitions]
constituent serving as a component or part of something. [2/4 definitions]
construct to put together by assembling component parts; build. [1/2 definitions]
crash1 in computing, to fail suddenly and completely, as a software program, operating system, or component of computer hardware. [1/17 definitions]
cytosine the pyrimidine base of the nucleotide cytidine, an essential component of the genetic material DNA and RNA.
decompose to break down (a substance) into simpler compounds or component elements. [1/3 definitions]
disintegrate to come apart; break down into component parts or fragments. [2/3 definitions]
ego in psychoanalytic theory, the personality component that mediates between the unconscious drives and external reality. [1/5 definitions]
electromagnetic wave a wave that contains a magnetic and electric component and that is created by an accelerating electric charge, such as a radio wave, x-ray, or light.
foraminifer any of several single-celled marine organisms that have chalky cells perforated by tiny pores through which thin pseudopods protrude, and that form the chief component of chalk.
fractionate to separate into ingredients, component parts, or the like, as by a chemical separation.
galactose a simple sugar that is a component of lactose.
germanium a tetravalent metal chemical element that has thirty-two protons in each nucleus and occurs naturally as a contaminant of coal, but can be purified for use in transistors and as a component of high-quality optical glass. (symbol: Ge)