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aplomb great self-confidence, composure, or poise.
discompose to upset the composure of; perturb; agitate. [1/2 definitions]
equanimity the quality of remaining calm, serene, or unruffled, esp. under stress; composure.
faze to bewilder or to disturb the composure or shake the resolve of; disconcert or daunt.
jangle to disturb or upset (one's nerves or composure). [1/4 definitions]
levelheaded having or showing good judgment and composure; sensible.
nerveless capable of maintaining one's composure in trying or dangerous situations. [1/2 definitions]
recompose to regain the composure of (usu. used reflexively). [1/2 definitions]
sang-froid cool composure; calmness.
self-possession control of one's behavior, emotions, reactions, or the like; composure or poise.
temper calmness or patience; composure. [1/11 definitions]
unnerve to deprive of composure, courage, determination, or the like; disconcert; discourage.