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accord compromise of conflicting opinions; concurrence; agreement. [1/6 definitions]
compound1 to settle or come to terms by compromise. [1/12 definitions]
compromise to make a compromise. [1/7 definitions]
conference committee in the U.S. Congress, a temporary panel assembled from members of both the Senate and House of Representatives to resolve differences between two versions of a particular bill and create a compromise version.
inflexible not capable of compromise or accommodation; not subject to change; unalterable. [1/3 definitions]
irreconcilable not capable of being made to yield or compromise. [1/2 definitions]
meet halfway to compromise with.
modus vivendi temporary agreement between disputing parties pending a final settlement of the dispute; compromise. [1/2 definitions]
rigid incapable of change or compromise; unyielding. [1/4 definitions]
rigidity the quality of being incapable of change or compromise; inflexible. [1/3 definitions]
split the difference to make a compromise with someone. [1/2 definitions]
temporize to yield to prevailing conditions; compromise. [1/4 definitions]
uncompromising unwilling to compromise or make concessions; unyielding. [1/2 definitions]
via media (Latin) a middle way; compromise between two extremes.