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design to conceive; invent. [1/11 definitions]
dream up (informal) to conceive in the imagination.
dualize to make or conceive of as dual.
frame to conceive or formulate within a particular shape or for a particular purpose. [1/9 definitions]
idealize to conceive or represent in an ideal form; raise to an ideal level; consider to be ideal. [2 definitions]
ideate to conceive ideas; think. [1/2 definitions]
inseparable impossible or difficult to divide or to conceive of as separate; tending to remain together.
recast to rewrite, reconstruct, or conceive again in a different form. [1/5 definitions]
reconceive combined form of conceive.
rhythm method a method of birth control that calls for abstaining from sexual intercourse during that time each month when the woman would most likely conceive.