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abstract something that is abstract or regarded apart from the concrete. [1/13 definitions]
allegory a device in art or literature by which abstract moral or spiritual qualities are represented by concrete characters, things, and events. [1/2 definitions]
avatar a concrete manifestation of any abstraction, such as an idea or concept; embodiment. [1/2 definitions]
block a solid piece of hard material such as wood, concrete, or ice, usu. flat on the sides. [2/19 definitions]
cinder block a partly hollow building block made of concrete and cinders.
compo a composite material, such as mortar or concrete.
concrete of or relating to concrete. [2/10 definitions]
concretize to make tangible or definite; give concrete form to.
curb a usu. raised border of concrete, stone, or brick along the outer edge of a paved street or sidewalk. [1/4 definitions]
expanded metal sheet metal that has been stamped or cut into a latticelike form and stretched, used to reinforce concrete.
expansion bolt a threaded metal rod or pin, usu. used in stone and concrete, that has an attachment that expands as it is screwed into a surface.
ferroconcrete see reinforced concrete.
granolith a concrete used for paving and made of crushed granite and cement.
hypostatize to present or consider (an idea, concept, or the like) as having concrete, objective reality or form.
incarnate to give concrete form to (a concept, idea, or the like); realize. [1/5 definitions]
instantiate to serve as or provide a concrete example, embodiment, or evidence of (something abstract).
in the abstract regarded apart from the concrete or from any particular instance.
moldboard a board forming one side of a mold for concrete. [1/3 definitions]
mole4 a massive stone or concrete structure serving as a pier or breakwater. [1/2 definitions]
object lesson a concrete, practical demonstration or illustration of a moral precept or ethical principle.
pave to cover (a road or other way or area) with concrete, asphalt, stones, or the like in order to make a hard flat surface.